DevBlog 159 / Last stop before Gamescom 2019

Greetings pilgrim,

You too should make a stop at the Hamlet of Fons before venturing into the more dangerous parts of the world of Decay of Logos. Wise NPC’s and a handy blacksmith will gladly help you along your journey but not all is what it seems…

Gamescom is almost upon us and this year we teamed up with Utomik and Thunderful to bring you an expanded experience of the actual game, and lots of goodies! Come on down and ask us anything, we’ll have 3 developers at the booth along with the great folks from Rising Star Games, our publisher.

Join us at Gamescom 2019 at the Utomik booth in the Indie Arena.

Going on an adventure!


3 thoughts on “DevBlog 159 / Last stop before Gamescom 2019

    1. admin Post author

      We will soon, almost there.
      Keep an eye out for our posts during August, we have some cool stuff coming up.

      Thank you very much for waiting!

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