■ Third-person action/adventure RPG with an emphasis on player exploration and minimal hand-holding.

■ Challenging combat; short and long-range weapons featuring different move sets, combos, and ancient magic.

■ Strengthen your bond with the mystical elk companion as you solve puzzles and unravel sinister mysteries.


■ Intricate lore where mysteries abound and every step unveils new wonders in this vast, ancient high-fantasy realm.

Her village destroyed, she travels North with her elk companion hoping to find any clues about those who wronged her.

You’ll start in the outskirts of the Laetus Grove, only to find that all is not what it seems – strange hostile dwellers with wooden bodies and vacant eyes now patrol this land…

Lock-on to enemies for a more tactical approach; parry, dodge and counter-attack while always keeping your stamina in check as you deliver deadly blows and combos. 


Prepare your battles ahead by using the elk’s secondary inventory to store a variety of short and long range-weapons, defense gear, and potions.

Set in a far-reaching and interconnected semi-open world, you’ll explore a divided kingdom once ruled by a warring King. Tragedy struck when his beloved Queen died during childbirth – the royal family was irreversibly broken and the King’s sons drifted apart, each claiming a piece of the realm. 


Make your way through the lush woodland, the great Howling Rift, degraded swamps, ancestral grounds and many other unique locations.

Decay of Logos invites player exploration with minimal hand-holding by using a minimalistic interface while relying on environmental cues and dialogue for guidance. Ada even displays all gear and items on her while animations reflect her physical state.

Leveling is fully automated and based on your play style, Ada gains stats when you kill an enemy, activate a mechanism or even when finding a secret chest.

You and your companion will journey alone, facing giants and other mystical foes, while solving ancestral environmental puzzles to clear the path.


With a will of its own, the elk requires petting and feeding to strengthen your bond before riding. Ada will encounter charismatic, fully voice-acted NPCs who provide lore, guidance, and items.

Roadmap – Upcoming

■ General improvements / fixes


Patch 4 – Release Notes – 23/01/2020

■ Implemented a new input system (STEAM ONLY)
■ Added support for custom keyboard and gamepad mappings (STEAM ONLY)
■ Added additional Runestone information regarding leveling/progression
■ Improved Runestone visibility at a distance
■ Stinger(flying enemy) camera improvements
■ Stingers range adjustment, it’s easier to evade them by sprinting
■ Tweaked Elk combat requirements, it will try to aid you sooner and more often
■ Improved enemy variation and visibility (visual tweaks)
■ Improved Low Stamina HUD feedback. (some players confuse low stamina with “input lag”)
■ Increased cancel window on a specific case. (non-cancelable animations often confused with “input lag”)
■ Improved auto-lock behaviour(e.g. falling enemies)
■ Improved Parry detection/use
■ Tweaked mini-boss Area of Effect damage radius(e.g. Lumberjack stomp)
■ Tweaked “stagger” requirements on first level, not as unforgiving for new players
■ Collision detection improvements
■ Fixed an issue that caused the Royal Guard sword to disappear after parrying
■ Various small bug fixes and tweaks


Patch 3 – Release Notes – 03/10/2019

■ Windows 7 support
■ Ultrawide and Super ultrawide screen support
■ Xbox 360 controller fix
■ Added an echo shell Read/Unread marker
■ Various bug fixes
■ Fixed issue preventing the use of potions in some cases
■ Performance improvements
■ “The Completionist” achievement fix


Patch 2 – Release Notes – 06/09/2019

■ Fixed weapons disappearing
■ Combat responsiveness tweak
■ Fixed various out of world places in the world
■ Controller selectables fixes
■ Elk navigation improvements
■ Optimizations all around
■ Added experience points on the stat tab on player’s inventory
■ Kings grab bug
■ Fixed various minor bugs


Patch 1 – Release Notes – 02/09/2019

■ Elk control updated (easier to control)
■ Elk navigation tweaked (Fixes Valis Sanctum various navigation issues, We will improving it even more)
■ Pause performance
impact and hangs should be fixed now
■ Various inventory fixes, potions disappearing wrong spear behavior, multiplication of items etc
■ Some environment fixes (various OOW falls)
■ Pathos fall throw ground fix