DevBlog 73 / Bite me!

Hi there!

This week we had fun awakening this small but aggressive enemy we call Chomper, and it’s already fully prepared to provide some surprise encounters throughout the game!
The Orphan Kid is also finished, sporting plenty of unique animations that meld with its intricate combat style, we will provide some more insight on him in next week’s blog post. We added some additional dungeon modules to the big picture, allowing for some interesting maze situations and secondary challenges for those who wish to explore every nook and cranny!

Bite me!

Jumping all the way.



5 thoughts on “DevBlog 73 / Bite me!

  1. Guillermo

    Nice, nice. The grass reaction is really cool, was it made with a shader? and are you guys using Unity’s standard terrain?

      1. Guillermo

        Awesome :o!
        Do you guys have any info or links to find out more about how to create such shader for the grass with the amplify shader nodes?


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