DevBlog 01 / Gameplay Preview

Finally, we can show you more about the state and development of the game!

Many things changed since the first prototype, the decision to alter the visual style and the growth of the team forced a careful re-thinking of the project as a whole, from the working pipeline, the addition of new mechanics to the rebuilding of some levels and architectural studies.

Revamping the visuals forced us to try some new ideas and concepts until we reached something we could all relate to and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

As mentioned earlier, the team has grown, we now have Filipe Pichel as our art director, a veteran in the area who has worked on various games including titles like Under Siege for PS3. He’s working hard to maintain a consistent and appealing look throughout the game.

Tomé joined us unexpectedly but was a great surprise; he’s very hard-working and talented. An architect turned game developer, he is currently responsible for all the concept art and is also capable of creating high-quality 3d content.

Ricardo Teixeira, during his breaks from Amplify Creations development and customer support, provides us precious help making rigs, testing and implementing workflows and supporting our software pipeline. He is also the bridge between the art and programming team.

Things have really changed since our first Xbox One preview.

For the first post-prototype milestone we decided to construct a small area and establish the visual style for the first part of the game. It’s a staged encounter with a mini boss that serves as a private playable build where the player can fight him and get a feel for the game with the new graphical style.

The playable build entry.

Who is the mysterious Lumberjack? You will learn the hard way when the time comes!.

He might be slow but he has one hell of a swing!

In the upcoming dev blogs we will talk about the game mechanics, lore, concepts, inspirations and some level previews.

Hope you liked the new look we achieved and thanks for reading!


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