DevBlog 06 / Interactable Objects

Hi there!

While Pichel and Tomé are finishing the ancient ruins modules and the wooden assets, André is taking up the ones already finished and preparing them for in-game interaction. For example, we now have a breakable wooden fence and a crane!

Old view on the left, current view on the right

You can break planks of wood to reach some hidden zones.

Old view on the left, current view on the right

WIP model of the wood crane, that can be used to lift up or down objects.

Now, talking about the overall state of the game, all the mechanics logic are done (although we’re mostly still using placeholder objects) and we already did balancing tests with enemies and bosses. The level design of various areas are also done, ready to be populated with the new props. We are working hard to replace the placeholder props and characters, fix bugs and polish the visuals. With more playthroughs we will keep tweaking the gameplay and balance of the game.


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