DevBlog 38 / Jump Start 2017

Hi there!

The Amplify Creations’ team hopes everyone had a blast during the winter break! This week we are back at full power, picking up where we left off. The “Rift Windmills” area is shaping up, and currently André is working on the tutorial/intro scene, where the player is introduced to a small background of the story and the first meeting between the Girl and the Elk. Like we have mentioned before, the game will feature more visual storytelling rather than an exposition narrative, so expect this tutorial/intro to have some small cutscenes but also gameplay.

Windmill materiality concept exploration.

Rocky shapes sketch for the “Rift Windmills” area.

The Kid is currently being animated, and we really want his carefree attitude to come through. This is a simple animation test to show of the cloth dynamics.

The Kid Test Animation.

Next week we will be working on the final chapter boss battle and event.


10 thoughts on “DevBlog 38 / Jump Start 2017

  1. Octavio Perez

    Hey there, Im a developer, mostly on php/javascript web app development, but this game got my heart. Is there a way to contribute other than money (im on Venezuela and its almost imposible to get $ out), is there something you need help on develpment? I can learn almost anything you need (more than 10 years on professional dev here). If not, then keep the good work, this looks superb

    1. admin

      Thank you for your offer, we really appreciate your interest! Spread the word, that would be a great help!

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