DevBlog 87 / We’re back in town!

Happy new year!

Hope your holidays were as awesome as ours and that you had the chance to spend quality time with your loved ones, just like you are spending right now with us, as you read this devblog!

We took the chance to do some playtesting over the holidays, resulting in lots of fun, but also a few bugs and issues that we’ve corrected over this week, while also taking the time to polish things up a bit.

Ianua is brought to life!

The masons and carpenters have finished building the village, and our in-house painter, well, he painted the following images for your viewing pleasure.

No time to rest!

Our wizard has finished the logic for the magic system, which is also great news for us all as we are thrilled to play around with this new mechanic!

Power! Unlimited power!

New animations are going to be added both to the main character and the enemies for this new system, we’ll be sharing some of them down the road.

Lastly, we’ve added full support for the steam controller.

Thats it for this week, thank you so much for reading, the team wishes you all an amazing new year!


2 thoughts on “DevBlog 87 / We’re back in town!

  1. Bartosh

    I can’t waint to finally play it :). Could you pelase give me some “sneak peak” date when the game will be available on steam? Can’t wait to record some lets play and share this awesome title with my viewers (I hope you won’t mind?)

    1. admin Post author

      Hey there, thank you for your interest!

      Not at all, we’ll encourage all sorts of content creation from our players, and we’re also going to share that information soon enough so stay tuned!

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