DevBlog 99 / Road to PAX EAST 2018!

Not the boss in the showbuild 😉

Hello there!

Our post is a bit short this week, we’ve spent most of our time working on our PAX EAST 2018 showbuild in order to ensure that it’s fun to play in a limited amount of time, and bug free. We invite you all to join us and to play Decay of Logos for yourself.

Come on down and venture into one of the many dungeons available in our game, challenge one of the main bosses, and discover more about the lore available in our vibrant fantasy world.

Find us at the Rising Start Games booth, #13070.

Hope to meet you soon!

Wanna get in touch at PAX? Tweet at us directly @DecayofLogos!

Don’t forget to check out our teaser trailer!


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