DevBlog 114 / Fly like an eagle!

Hello dearest community!

Fly like an eagle!

Don’t let the title fool you, this animal is actually a hawk, and its purpose is for you to find out, not for us to tell…

So, after setting in some mistery, we’re going to make this week’s blog post short and sweet, like the Elk’s favorite meal, Lulaberries!

All of the audio recordings for the characters’ voices are done and already in-game, and the music is coming along nicely and will soon be complete as well.

A new phase of polishing and balancing will also take place in the near future, together with additional work into the console ports.

On the artistic side of things, the cutscenes are all getting a little bit of shine and tweaking before we’re done with them for good, and more progress has been made into the new combat animations, each of them being added into the game almost as soon as its ready!

POW! Right in the kisser!

Oh, and we’ve been designing and adding some new extra props to populate the scenarios, making them feel more rich and detailed, here’s a screenshot of some additional windows we’ve been crafting:

Care for some window shopping?

As you can see, it’s been an extremely busy week, so we hope you’ve enjoyed the content we’ve decided to share with you all today!

See you next Friday!


2 thoughts on “DevBlog 114 / Fly like an eagle!

  1. Suraj

    The game looks amazing so far and is definitely a game that I’ll get. The environment looks beautiful and especially the direction of the art style. Just had a few questions to ask.
    1. Can the hair style of the protagonist be changed, as some of the trailers featured different looks.
    2. Will you have to be at a certain level or have good gear to explore areas that you want visit?
    3. Will the villages/cities have themes for both day and night?

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, we really appreciate it!

      1. I’m afraid not, older trailers used an early character design which will not be in the game.
      2. Recommended but you can always put your skills to the test, it’s challenging but rewarding.
      3. We don’t have a day/night cycle but there will be some night time events, more on that later on.

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