DevBlog 133 / Babel fish not included

Greetings everyone!

Happy to announce that we’ve finally added additional language options for all in-game text. We might not be able to provide audio in every language but we’ll make sure that almost anyone in the world can enjoy the rich lore and story that our game offers. We’re still deep in development as you can see from today’s post, these are small but very important details that we’re taking great care with to ensure you have a good experience.


Be sure that you tackle localization in the early stages of development, we guarantee that it will save you quite a few headaches. It’s definitely not something you should ignore as it will only increase the amount of work necessary later on. Avoid having hard-coded strings that are meant to be seen by your players and organize them in a manner that it’s easy and simple to add to your game.

In our particular case we use a simple numbered line id system, per-language and category(UI, Items, Hints, etc) that allows us to quickly export and import new content. Since the line ID remains the same between all languages, you don’t have to change any individual game logic to swap between them except for pointing your game to the appropriate language text. With some additional work you can even embed specific commands then you can than use with the Unity UI system to display images.

Decay of Logos is localized for:
-English (w/Audio)
-Portuguese BR

On the art side of things, the team is spending some time making sure all areas have the same amount of detail across the board. Textures are being retweaked, more background planes are being placed, vegetation and other small details are being added… Some of these improvements are more than mere aesthetic changes, for they impact gameplay and the player’s experience.


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