DevBlog 139 / Wadi Sightseeing

Hello there!

Another week has gone past almost without notice, as we’ve been focused on QA, polishing and balancing of the game.

We do miss sharing all sorts of new content, be it concept art, new items or even mechanics, but we all know that the final stretch is a necessary grind to ensure that we can deliver the best experience to everyone, leaving us little time for anything else.

The whole team is eager to cross the finish line and see the result of our passion being experienced by you, and that time is drawing closer and closer each day.

We’re also bringing you a gorgeous scene, featuring improved visual effects together with additional hand placed details:

A Waterfall in the Wadi.

Thank you for reading, enjoy the weekend!


2 thoughts on “DevBlog 139 / Wadi Sightseeing

  1. Dan

    I’ve been keeping my eye on this game, I’m looking forward to playing this amazing looking game, only thing is, I won’t be getting it unless it comes out in physical form on Nintendo Switch, is it coming out in physical edition? I need to know. Thanks guys and girls.

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