DevBlog 156 / So many bugs!

Near bodies of water that is!

Hello everyone, we hope you’re all getting ready for an awesome weekend.

Happy to announce that our Steam page is going up sometime around next week, we’re just about to finish some exclusive media and additional descriptions. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve mentioned it but it’s really moving along, we hope to interact with all of you there soon. It will be set to “Coming Soon”, this is not a launch announcement just yet.

The helmet does nothing!

Can you identify the location? You will see it up close soon.

Don’t get trapped down there!

Until next week, have an awesome Friday!


6 thoughts on “DevBlog 156 / So many bugs!

  1. Rick

    Been following this blog since just before Breath of the Wild was released when looking for something to play beforehand. What’s that two years ago now? Really looking forward to DoL getting out and playing it through. Seems like you guys are getting close…can’t wait!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you following our progress! We’re so close you wouldn’t believe it 😉

  2. Ann

    I am really happy for you.
    And for me. Ive been looking forward to this game since about a year.

    Should I expect a delay for publishing on the switch?
    I am still not decided if I’ll buy the steam or the switch version.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for sticking with us!

      Not at all but stay tuned, ideally we’ll launch all platforms around the same time.

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