DevBlog 160 / Ask us anything!

Greetings everyone,

What a week, we’ve revealed the launch date and your response has been amazing!

Happy to announce that we’re doing a couple of AMA’s so mark the date and join us next week. We’ll post additional details near the date, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Going on an adventure!

Until next week, thank you for your support!


31 thoughts on “DevBlog 160 / Ask us anything!

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  1. JR Fryer

    Just discovered this today. As an RPG writer, I’m excited about your world-narrative approach. Looking forward to exploring your beautiful creation!

  2. Patrick Benko

    Hi, this game looks amazing!!! I am an RPG madman, I mean I have played over 150+ RPGS, for instance games I am playing right now include: Grim Dawn, Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, Dragon Age: Origins (my 6th playthrough) and Super Mario Maker 2 (not an RPG, but amazing). My backlog is enormous. I keep buying games and saying I am going to play them…. However, when I am excited about a game it usually jumps to #1 on my list.

    So enough of a backstory, I have played every Dark Souls (1,2, 3, and Demon Souls on PS3) and I have played EVERY Zelda game with Breath of the Wild being one of my favorites because the sheer amount of freedom, you could literally go anywhere you could see!! And people are speculating that Decay of Logos is a cross between Breath of the Wild and Dark Souls, which has me super excited about this game.

    I just have a few questions:
    1. Is there a leveling system with abilities? Is it like Dark Souls where when you level you get an attribute point? or is it more like BOTW hence, as you progress through the game you get items to UP your health/stamina? I prefer a leveling system, I doubt there are classes or a class system, but I hope there is a leveling system…
    2. Does the gear (loot) change your appearance in game? Not enough games have cool looking gear designs and too many games (rpgs) dont have any. I mean like an MMO or Diablo, Grim Dawn (not gameplay) but when you find a new chest piece and equip it, you look badass. I hope their are unique gear designs, and weapons. Dark Souls has some really cool looking gear/weapons.
    3. Is the exploration going to be like BOTW where you can go anywhere you can see? Climbing? I understand this is am Indie game (and im totally fine with that!!!) thus the budget is nowhere near that of Dark Souls are BOTW, thats all okay, as long as the execution is good. Some small indie developers are my favorite.

    I guess my main wonders are if there is a leveling system? And if the gear/loot have unique designs or is it just costumes that change your look but do not add any advantages, stats, special abilities or anything that makes a true difference to your character.

    Anyways I am super excited for this game!!!! I love BOTW and Dark Souls, 2 of my all time favorites, so I will be purchasing this game on Day 1 regardless to the answers of my questions, your answers will only help me decide where it goes on my backlog 🙂 🙂 Thank You

    1. admin Post author

      Hey, that’s awesome, really appreciate your interest!

      1. Yes, you level up automatically depending on what you do in the game; single class.
      2. Absolutely, you can mix and match and even get additional bonuses when using a full set – and yes, they all have unique designs and give you specific advantages. (fire resistance, etc)
      3. Not quite; you can climb in specific situations but this is not very prominent. We’re going for balance between open areas, ruins, dungeons, and buildings.


  3. Jeff

    Will there be a patch to upgrade visual resolution on the switch for handheld? It’s a beautiful game, but unfortunate that its 576p. It would be great to have it at 720p at least.

  4. Oldmangamer

    I still want this game today on my switch. I waited since I initially heard about it and would gladly overlook a few flaws to play it some right now on my switch.

  5. Rayden

    Por favor, arrumem o botão de atacar! Quando aperto o botão de ataque, o personagem não responde e acabo levando um ataque do inimigo…isso está atrapalhando demais a jogabilidade (Ps4)

  6. will frantz

    I found a qr code *in game* and was wondering what that’s about? Also, why I can’t seem to scan it; other than some pretty serious game breaking glitches, like disappearing items, specifically around inventory using the elk and speaking of, the elks riding mechanics are very poor we can neither use our magic in any way it’s basically unridable and ignoring that I like the game and look forward to some patches in the future hopefully in regards to these and other issues

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your feedback, we’re working to fix the most critical issues ASAP.
      The QR code is part of a easter egg, may require some image tinkering(brightness) outside of the game but it’s purely optional; alternatively, try using another scanner.

  7. James

    Hey folks,
    Awesome game! I’ve been having a blast playing it though their are 3 things I could use your help figuring out, please forgive me if I’ve missed something I did look everywhere I knew to:
    1. Unless it is a significant spoiler where would I find a torch and how do I use it, the darkness is keeping me at bay from some pretty amazing places…
    2. One of the stone advisers at the start of the game informed me that you had storage, I am loaded up +1 weapon and would love to know where and how I use storage.
    3. I’ve got full potions though I don’t know how to select them for drinking, I place them in my inventory so they show up jangling from my belt though Q will not allow me to drink them.
    Thank you kindly for whatever wisdom you can impart

  8. James

    No Sir/Ma’am, Thank You!

    And thanks for the quick reply.

    1. Thanks, now no darkness is safe from me -mewahahaha!
    2. I called the stone heads that you read for info on gameplay a “stone adviser” that said I need to go back and review the details so I will get back to you on this.
    3. I’ll just have to keep plugging at this one then, Thanks anyway.

    I’ll check out your discord site. Be well and great! -James

  9. Rob

    Congrats on the game, I think some of the reviews were unduly harsh and hope you don’t get discouraged. Looking forward to diving back in now the latest patch is up. I know it may be to much to ask but is there any chance of an Xbox X enhancement patch? A Res bump to 4k would make the lush art even better! Peace x

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you very much for your support, we’re definitely going to keep working and improving whatever we can!
      We do have a patch planned for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

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