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DevBlog 47 / Back from PAX!

PAX is definitely something else, we could not have anticipated the amount of feedback and visitors that we got. It was well worth all the countless hours spent on an airplane and the harsh Boston temperatures, we strongly recommend it to all developers and visitors. The organizers and support team at PAX and the Indie MEGABOOTH were some of the best that we ever had the pleasure to work with.

PAX is MASSIVE! Boston does get quite cold at times.

It was also a great opportunity to mingle with developers, it’s always great to be able to share, and learn, from others. It’s a great place to get in touch with publishers, artists, marketers, and fans. Our only regret is not being able to play most of the games available, there was simply no free time, even with 3 of our team members there.

Our humble booth and a small crowd checking out the awesome games at the Indie MEGABOOTH.

If you are an indie developer looking to boost your visibility and establishing critical contacts, PAX is the event for you. Be sure to plan it appropriately, it will save you quite a few troubles. Get power adapters beforehand, take 2-3 times more flyers or giveaways, use rollups or take appropriate hanging material. Due to lack of professional grade duct tape, we ended up using Velcro everywhere, not a great solution.

Some assembly was required.

If you have not already, be sure to check the new tabs available for additional Story, Gameplay and Media. We will be back next week with new development updates.


DevBlog 14 / Replacing placeholder mechanisms

Hi there!

This week, André and Tomé worked on replacing some old interaction and mechanisms placeholders with quality, animated and fancy shaded 3D models. Small logic additions and adaptations needed to be made to fit the new art.

Old view on the left, current view on the right

Some new props, girl model for scale.

André is also doing some logic changes in order to streamline the localization process, the entire user interface and game text will have support to various languages.
Iuri is also replacing placeholder animations and doing some new ones for the mechanisms mentioned above.

Old view on the left, current view on the right

A Journey checkpoint is always important.

Pichel is working hard on finishing the 3d model of the player companion. The next step is rigging it.