Monthly Archives: December 2018

DevBlog 137 / New Year, New Trees


This week we’ve been discussing some important aspects of the game, mainly the lighting and how we can use it to enhance and give character to certain areas.

On a different note, the team decided that it was time to improve all the tree models of the project and make them more interesting and coherent. We felt the old ones were too basic and that they started to stick out like a sore thumb compared to other assets.

Here’s how the new ones are looking:

The dead trees, on the right side are the old assets.

Some of the new tree trunks, on the right there’s an old asset for comparison

Meanwhile, our main battle has been squashing the last bugs and working on the final layer of polish of the game. We’ll keep you posted! See you next week!


Season’s Greetings!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Warm wishes from the entire team, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! As with last year, we’re taking some time off to be with our other loved ones, recharge our batteries, and would like to thank all of you who follow our development blog.

Get ready for a new year full of new surprises and adventures, along with fresh details regarding our launch, we’ll see you soon!


DevBlog 136 / A beacon of light


Today we’re sharing a sneak peek at two exquisite weapons that have recently joined the armory, behold:

A Knuckle set and a Mace.

To the left, we have a Knuckle set that is fashioned out of a certain foe that we’ve previously introduced, can you guess which?

To the right, our latest addition to the unique items that you can find hidden within the world of Decay of Logos, Lucerna!

What makes it unique, you might ask? This weapon has a special behavior that is revealed as soon as danger draws closer:

A beacon of light!

We’ve also continued with the usual polishing, optimization, QA and bug fixing, of course!

And that’s all for this week, thank you for reading, we hope that you all have a great weekend!


DevBlog 135 / Storytelling Decals


Another week goes by, bringing further beautification and polish, together with more QA and fixing!

As promised in the last post, we’re sharing another example on how the decals can make a huge difference, allowing our beautification artist to experiment on the fly with different feels for certain areas:

Storytelling Decals!

The original room is on the left, unspoiled by the decals that are introduced on the right, covering the floor and the edges of the walls.

A whole different message is transmitted to those who observe their surroundings, allowing for that extra layer of storytelling that we love!

That’s all for this week, we have something different in store for you all next friday so stay tuned!