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DevBlog 162 / Consoles and GOG Patch Status

Greetings everyone,

Thank you all for your patience, we really appreciate it!

We’re currently testing the PS4 and Xbox One patch, all major issues have been resolved but we’re still testing to ensure no issue is left behind. Patching a console game can be a somewhat lengthy process, we don’t have an official ETA but it shouldn’t be too far off.

The v1.02 patch has been deployed on GOG, please report any issues you may run into via the official GOG forum or by email at [email protected].

We’ve also added a Roadmap section to our website, be sure to check it out for the latest and upcoming updates.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, thank you for understanding.


DevBlog 161 / Tweaks and Patching

Greetings folks,

First, some housekeeping..

We would like to start by apologizing for any issues you might have experienced during our rocky launch. Due to a series of unfortunate events, some reviewers ended up receiving older builds of our game resulting in disastrous reviews and an overflowing of unwarranted negativity towards the game. We should point out that some of the most egregious knew of the problem, were asked to not review the game using the provided build, but decided to continue anyway – this alone should give you an idea of how controversial and negative content is systematicaly amplified to the point of being borderline toxic.

To add to our mishap, we’ve also stumbled upon several unknown post-QA issues that resulted in game breaking problems such as inventory loss, interaction failure, and even crashes; while we will definitely examine what went wrong on our side and post details in due time, we’re currently fully focused on resolving all pending issues and making a few last minute adjustments based on your immediate feedback. To be clear, we’ve since released an intermediate patch on some systems but this was not a day 1 patch as the one we’re detailing today.

We understand that Decay of Logos can be a very polarizing game. Maybe it plays different from what you imagined, perhaps you simply don’t like the style of the combat; be it what it may be, we simply ask that you consult both positive and negative reviews before making up your mind. In any case, we are listening to your feedback and have already made a few adjustments to the initial difficulty and even the Ambush mechanic.

Incoming Patch!

We’ve been working hard on all critical issues/bugs and tweaking whatever we can based on your feedback. We wish this would be available today on all platforms but, due to specific console/store requirements, it will take a couple of days until you can download it everywhere – the following notes refer specifically to the Steam version. Be sure to click that bell on our official Twitter, we will post about console update availability as soon as possible.

Steam Version 1.02 change list:
– Fixed weapons disappearing
– Combat responsiveness tweak
– Fixed various out of world places in the world
– Controller selectables fixes
– Elk navigation improvements
– Optimizations all around
– Added experience points on the stat tab on player’s inventory
– King’s grab bug
– Fixed various minor bugs

Steam Version 1.01 change list:
– Elk control updated (easier to control)
– Elk navigation tweaked (Fixes Valis Sanctum various navigation issues, We will improve it even more)
– Pause performance impact and hangs should be fixed now
– Various inventory fixes, potions disappearing wrong spear behavior, multiplication of items etc
– Some environment fixes (various OOW falls)
– Pathos fall throw ground fix

On our Roadmap

– Win7 support (PC)
– Support Steam Input – Various controllers supported (PC)
– Performance all around (ALL)
– Keyboard custom Key Bindings (PC)
– Bug fixing (ALL)

PAX West Experience

Interacting with players was an amazingly positive experience, strongly contrasting the perceived negativity seen online. It was a blast seeing people enjoy the game, laughing in the face of a good challenge, even getting farther into the game than we ever anticipated. It was quite rewarding seeing many non-souls players click with the game once they got a hang of it, while those used to the style simply picked-up and played pretty much without guidance.



DevBlog 160 / Ask us anything!

Greetings everyone,

What a week, we’ve revealed the launch date and your response has been amazing!

Happy to announce that we’re doing a couple of AMA’s so mark the date and join us next week. We’ll post additional details near the date, be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Going on an adventure!

Until next week, thank you for your support!


DevBlog 159 / Last stop before Gamescom 2019

Greetings pilgrim,

You too should make a stop at the Hamlet of Fons before venturing into the more dangerous parts of the world of Decay of Logos. Wise NPC’s and a handy blacksmith will gladly help you along your journey but not all is what it seems…

Gamescom is almost upon us and this year we teamed up with Utomik and Thunderful to bring you an expanded experience of the actual game, and lots of goodies! Come on down and ask us anything, we’ll have 3 developers at the booth along with the great folks from Rising Star Games, our publisher.

Join us at Gamescom 2019 at the Utomik booth in the Indie Arena.

Going on an adventure!


DevBlog 158 / Going gold!

Greetings everyone,

It’s been a while since our last post but we’ve never been so close to releasing Decay of Logos. The date is about to drop and, as you might have seen on our social channels, we’ve recently gone gold on Xbox One! We’re happy to announce that we’re also ready for the Nintendo Switch, with PC and PS4 to follow very soon.

We would like to thank you all for your patience, we can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Symbolic Nintendo Switch Digital Gold Master CD

Our body is ready.

Symbolic Xbox One Digital Gold Master CD

Finish the fight.

Great Xbox Job!

Rubber Talks @RubberChicken

For Portuguese speaking viewers, be sure to catch our interview with Rubber Chicken; or check us out for gameplay footage recorded early this year that you might not have seen before.

Available for wishlisting on steam!


DevBlog 157 / Let off some Steam!

Greetings everyone,

Summer time is upon us north dwellers but, before we relax and let off some steam, we would like to invite you all to wishlist Decay of Logos!

It’s been a long road but we’re finally close to release; our Steam page went up this week and we hope you like it. We will be posting additional details as we get close to announcing our launch date. Thank you all for your patience, and support, we wouldn’t have made it this far without it.

Now available for wishlisting on steam!

Want to play before everyone else?

We’re having a short contest with Rising Star Games, join us!

Not into Facebook?
Tell us what you would name your newly befriended elk mount before you start adventuring together! The five best answers gets a copy of the game for PC, Switch, Xbox One or PS4 before launch!

What ancient mechanisms lay dormant in the world of Decay of Logos?

Close that valve!


DevBlog 156 / So many bugs!

Near bodies of water that is!

Hello everyone, we hope you’re all getting ready for an awesome weekend.

Happy to announce that our Steam page is going up sometime around next week, we’re just about to finish some exclusive media and additional descriptions. It’s been quite sometime since we’ve mentioned it but it’s really moving along, we hope to interact with all of you there soon. It will be set to “Coming Soon”, this is not a launch announcement just yet.

The helmet does nothing!

Can you identify the location? You will see it up close soon.

Don’t get trapped down there!

Until next week, have an awesome Friday!


DevBlog 155 / Did I leave the furnace on?

Hello everyone,

It’s been a busy week, you could say…we’re hammering out the final details!

In all seriousness, everything is lining up, news soon.

Can you hear the sound of the hammer?

No wallpapers this week but we will have something for you next time.

Jump on out of here!

Thank you for coming by!


DevBlog 154 / Alone in the Dark

Hello everyone!

As we’ve mentioned a while back, we’re on the last push getting everything ready for our launch so don’t worry if we don’t post on Friday – everything is on track, date coming soon.

As we promised, here are the new wallpapers!

Your companion cannot help you this deep.

Watch your step!

Hope you like them, have a great weekend.